Everything You Need to Know About Getting a PR7 Backlink!

Are you new to SEO and online marketing? Maybe you’re just starting out with your very first website? Or perhaps you already understand how SEO works and you just want to boost your Google rankings to increase sales or visitors! Whatever the reason, one of the most important elements in gaining and holding on to the top spots in the search engines like Google are backlinks!

Backlinks are quite simple to understand but their importance cannot be underestimated. Quite simply, backlinks are links that appear on other websites and point back to your website or web page. We’ve all seen them around the internet right? They are normally particular words shown in blue and when you click on them, you are taken to another website. You’ll find them on webpages, blogs, comment posts, forums, articles and many other forms of online information. This is all a backlink is! Google uses the number of backlinks a particular webpage has to help rank it in the Google search results. For instance, as an example, a website with 500 backlinks will rank better for a particular keyword than a website with only 10 backlinks. Think of it as a popularity rating! Google loves to rank popular pages higher than not so popular ones! Easy isn’t it? Well, maybe not actually and here’s why… 구글광고대행

You’re probably wondering why these backlinks are so important in getting high Google rankings for your website. There is another part that Google considers too and this is the bit that many webmasters can find difficult. Hopefully you’ll be aware that Google gives all web pages a Page Rank, or PR for short. If you use the Google toolbar you’ll see the Page Rank of the webpage you’re on at the top, it’s a little green bar that ranks a page from PR0 to PR10.. If a website has great content that is relevant to its keywords and web address, eventually Google will begin to give it a Page Rank Remember we said that the more backlinks you have, the better? Well that isn’t always the case and Page Rank is the reason behind this. Backlinks from pages that have a high Page Rank carry much more importance than backlinks from pages with no Page Rank at all. So 1 link from a PR5 page would be much better than 50 links from PR0 backlinks! Does that make sense now?

So we need to remember that to get those high Google rankings, we not only need to start building backlinks to our website, but we also need to try and focus on getting backlinks from pages which are relevant and have a good Page Rank Google doesn’t hand out Page Ranks easily, so don’t be shocked if you can’t find any pages to link from with Page Ranks of no more than PR2 or PR3, this is totally normal. So how can you get relevant high PR backlinks? There are a few ways to do this that most webmasters use. Firstly you can write and submit articles (like this one) and add your websites link in the resource box. This is a good way to get started but there’s no guarantee that your article will get published. You could try finding similar sites to yours and ‘swapping’ links, but again reciprocal linking doesn’t carry as much weight as one way linking. A third way is to pay to get your link added to a website that has a high Page Rank of 5 or above, this will have great results in terms of boosting your rankings as Google looks on links from PR5 and above as incredibly strong. However this can be very expensive so be careful before going down this route.