Custom and Classic Car Cleaning Considerations – Clean Car Rims

Hey now, you and I both know that if you want to show off your custom street rod or classic car, you better have clean and blackened tires, and shiny chromed rims to really set your car apart from the rest. But did you know that it’s almost hard to make them perfect every time? Well, that’s what they say, but as a former auto detailing business type, I know better, perfection is attainable, let me explain.

Most auto detailers and car wash professionals will tell you that women like the windows on their car very clean and care very much about the paint. Whereas their male customers want to make sure the rims and tires look bright and glossy, and are not as concerned with the Windows. Now then, if you are a guy who likes his rims perfectly cleaned, there are some tricks of the trade which you should know.

Below are a few of the best management practices in the auto detailing industry for Cleaning rims, consider these tips;

1. First, it is recommended that you use a pressure washer or a hose with a pressure nozzle on it. Bilvask københavn

2. Next, if you have white walls you will need white wall cleaner and perhaps a whitewall brush. You will need some type of rim cleaner. If you have aluminum polished rims, you should not use any type of acid to clean the white walls or the rim, rather you must use hot soapy water and brush them by hand, and rinse them every few seconds as you go, otherwise you will dull the aluminum.

3. Now then, let’s say that you have a pressure washer and you have white walls, and your rims have brake dust and they look rather disgusting.

4. First you need to wet down the rim, and spray the white wall cleaner on the white part of the tires. You should allow a dwell time of 5-10 seconds. Next take your pressure washer and getting really close, and follow the white wall around the tire.

5. Next rinse the rim once again, along with the whole tire. If you see splatter marks on the paint be sure to rinse those right away also because this will take off the wax.

6. Now for cleaning the rim; you need to cover the center cap because generally on most cars these are clear coated, and any acid type rim cleaner will mess them up permanently. Once you cover the center, you need to take your spray bottle and be generous with the rim cleaner. Again you need a 5 to 10 second dwell time before blasting them with a rinse. When rinsing you need to start at the bottom and follow the rim around in a circle.