An Unbiased Review on the OnePlus 9R 5G


The OxygenOS based smartphone, The OnePlus 9R is an excellent device in every respect. It looks great, it performs superbly, but it is also loaded with features that will make life easier and the user’s tasks much easier to handle. One of the most attractive features of this smartphone is its large multi-touch display which is certainly one of the best Android tablet screens available today. It is comprised of two different capacitive multi-touch screens which provide clear viewing of all applications and content. These are the touch sensitive screens which make using the device so much fun. OnePlus 9R 5G

One of the most important selling points of this smartphone is its ability to support up to dual SIM cards. This allows you to not only have a North American or European Sim card in the device but also has the ability to use a Taiwanese SIM as well. If you travel a lot and intend to bring your international SIM card along, this is definitely one feature you will appreciate. You can use this ability to enable either a SIM card or USB phone connection depending on your need and what you intend to do with the device. With the ability to enable either of these connections via software or hardware upgrades, the OxygenOS based smartphone from Oppo is a must have device for all travelers.

On the other hand, if you are looking to go wireless then the OxygenOS based smartphone from Oppo is also an excellent choice. The device has a single earphone as well as one micro SD card for additional storage expansion and is also capable of supporting Bluetooth. In fact, with the Adreno processor on board the onePlus 9R5G is capable of supporting Bluetooth 3.0 for faster data transfers. The Oppo also has a rear camera with a 10 megapixel camera and an integrated image stabilization system which allows for smooth video playback on the rear camera. To add to the luxury of the phone, it also comes with a dual screen feature which offers users the ability to use their existing handset or new device as the secondary display.

One of the best features of the Oppo handset is the user friendly interface and the way it allows for a fluid browsing experience. With the dual screen feature, you get access to two displays without having to lift the handset which helps to maximize the efficiency of the device. Even with the dual camera on offer, there are no bugs to report with this handset as it comes with one primary camera and a secondary one which is placed on the back by default. The strength of the processor is sufficient and ensures that all your data is kept safe and will be ready at a moment’s notice. The oneGB of RAM that is provided on the OnePlus 9R5G ensures that the device does not slow down under pressure and ensures that it remains responsive even after multiple applications are running on the go.

The connectivity offered by the Oppo smartphone is quite impressive and ranges from wifi to bluetooth depending on the model. You get dedicated calling features with the help of the data cable which connects the earpiece to the primary camera. If you wish to download any heavy movies, then you can take advantage of the fast charging facility that is provided with the phone. There is a fast charging feature that provides up to 7 hours of talk time on one charge. In fact, the battery life of the smartphone is longer than that of many high end smartphones in terms of usage and standby time.

The phone is provided with a user friendly OS that has made it quite popular among people with different level of experience in using android phones. With a simple installation process, you get access to your contacts, text and email and enjoy your high speed internet connectivity. The OxygenOS also integrates with Google Places and lets you browse your places from one place. This makes your search faster and more convenient. The consistent updates provided by the manufacturer further enhance the usability of the Oppo One Plus 5G.